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21 May, 2023 15:23

Macro technological transformation is essential for overall economic performance

A virtual seminar entitled "Technological Transformation with special reference to Digitalization in Entrepreneurial Management" was organized by Entrepreneurial Economists club, Dhaka School of Economics on Saturday (May 20, 2023).

Chief guest of the programme Dr. Moazzem Hossain, Adjunct associate professor of Griffith University, Australia put emphasis on macro technological aspects for aggregate economic performance through digitization processes.

Keynote speaker Dr. Logaiswari Indiran, Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Management (FM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) said, digital transformation is based on three pillars.

Special guest Dr. Yashoda Durga, Associate Professor, GNVS Institute of Management, India gave Comparative statistics of digitalization process between India and Bangladesh.

As session Chair Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Dhaka School of Economics said, under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Bangladesh achieved remarkable success in Digitization process and he argued that each country should take steps to directly implement Industry 5.0 rather than Industry 4.0 as the latter one is less acceptable towards humanity.

Among others, Rehana Parvin and Dr. Sara Tasneem, Assistant Professor and Mr. Shamim Ahmad, Lecturer also spoke in the programme.

Zakiya Sultana, a student of Master of Economics (Entrepreneurship Economics) anchored the programme.

At the starting time, remember Late Prof. Nurul Islam who died on 9 May, 2023 and Nobel Laureate Robert E. Lucas who died on 15 May, 2023 and observed one minute silence to remember their good deeds.

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