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28 October, 2023 20:23

Digital travel companion will reduce hassles in traveling to Sylhet

Sylhet is a paradise of natural beauty. Nature's daughter Sylhet has rows of dunes, springs flowing through the chest of green hills, cool water in Hoar, Hijal Karach surrounded by wetlands, the meeting of rock and water attracts the fair from people to travel lovers. Therefore, tourists from outside the country come to see the beauty of Sylhet. But travel planning is required to visit these tourist spots. If not, the tourists have to fall in many ironies.

Now you have the solution at your fingertips to avoid this irony of tourists. In this era of information technology, two online web portals namely (URL: and (URL: will help travelers to make a complete and convenient travel plan. These two portals have emerged as an important guide to tourist places in Sylhet.

Almost everything is digital now. So now everyone takes online help to avoid any trouble. These portals are created from that perspective. From providing detailed driving directions from Sylhet city to listing of top hotels, restaurants, food courts and resorts, these portals provide everything you need for travel.

This digital companion will plan your trip with complete accuracy. On the one hand, provides precise data of tourist places in Sylhet with digital assistants accompanying travelers every step of the way to make your trip phenomenal.

On the other hand, will provide a complete list of top 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels in Sylhet. Each listing is accompanied by detailed information. This ensures that travelers can select accommodation that suits their expectations, needs and budget. A distinctive feature of Hotel Sylhet is that its users can make online bookings. Users of this system can conveniently book their hotel without paying the hotel bill in advance.

In this regard, Ehia Khan, Director of and said, We want every traveler's trip to the scenic Sylhet to be not only memorable but hassle-free. Our online portal will reduce the hassle of traveling to Digital Bangladesh.These two digital portals provide a complete solution for travel planning in Sylhet. Travelers will find all information, hotel booking and other services here. Which will make their travel to Sylhet easier.

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