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27 May, 2023 03:46

Screen time with parents can be a valuable learning experience for children

Eid is one of the best occasions to spend time with friends and family without worrying about professional work.

In addition, working parents and children get ample opportunities to spend time with each other during the period.

There are various ways in which parents and children can spend time together, from playing outside to going on a trip to staying indoors.

However, due to the insane heat in Bangladesh, playing outside might not be viable for an extended period.

Thus, staying home and spending time with each other can be both a relaxing and learning experience for all, especially for children.

Parents can watch movies or series with their kids. And recent studies conducted by the University of Portsmouth and Paris Nanterre University, screen time can be beneficial to children if a parent or adult is present with them as they can engage and ask questions. In addition, it will enhance the cognitive development of the children.

Watching shows about wildlife and natural environments can enhance their knowledge and make them more aware of the world around them. With crystal and clear images, televisions like 4K can make documentaries or shows more realistic.

For example, in 'Shark with Steve Backshall' show, Steve dives into the sea and faces the powerful predator – the shark. He then journeys from tropical coastlines to the open ocean to discover the truth about the creatures and how to protect them. These will look realistic on high-quality screens and bring more interest among the children.

According to Child Mind Institute, watching TV together allows parents and children to share a language they can communicate, even when they are not watching anything.

In addition, while watching TV with children, parents can elaborate and comment on what's viewed, which will help to enhance their understanding of the content and reinforce their learning.

Certain movies and shows will teach children about various types of people, cultures, and places. It will provide exposure to other parts of the world and things they might not encounter.

Television can also be a fantastic way to introduce kids to sports, especially by watching big tournaments. Big screens and robust sound quality can enhance the experience of watching the match and boost interest among kids in cricket, football, or tennis. Parents can even share interesting facts about the sports, allowing the kids to learn the rules of the games.

Shows like documentaries, movies, animation, or series will look vivid and realistic on high-definition TVs like 4K or 8K.

Hence, here we mention a TV, Samsung has a wide range of the industry's best TV collections which will bring out the detail and contrast so that parents and children can experience the full power in every image. Samsung TV has a range of QLED & UHD 4K TVs which can upscale HD contents and cable channel’s output near to 4K resolution.

Samsung’s newest addition is Neo QLED 8K TV with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, that offers unimaginable details in both the darkest black to the purest white with 1.5x more lighting zones than normal Quantum Matrix Technology.

The right kind of show through high-definition TV can imbue social and environmental awareness in kids and holistically promote social, emotional, and cognitive development. Moreover, ensuring a healthy balance of TV time is also essential, as parents don't want their kids to become couch potatoes and skip social and physical activities.

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