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24 May, 2024 10:59

Killing of MP Anna: Controversy over Tk 200 crore gold

The control of gold smuggling and cross-border smuggling has been controlled by Anwarul Azim Anar, Member of Parliament of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency, who was murdered in Kolkata, India. Planning and preparation to kill him started at least three months ago. The murder gang was waiting for him to go to India.

According to the relevant sources, the law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh and Kolkata have received such information while investigating the incident.

It is said that information is being exchanged between the investigators of the two countries regarding this sensational murder. Based on this, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DB) has already arrested three people; Those who returned from India after the incident.

According to DB sources in Dhaka, the arrested three are admitting during preliminary interrogation that they are directly involved in the murder of MP Anwarul Azim Anar.

Sources involved in the investigation say Anwarul is believed to have been deliberately brought to India to kill him due to a feud in an inter-country gold smuggling ring. As the main planner. A person named Aktaruzzaman alias Shaheen has been identified. The flat in Kolkata's New Town where the MP was killed was rented by this Aktaruzzaman. According to a related source, he left for Kathmandu via Delhi on a flight from Dhaka last Monday.

According to sources related to the investigation, behind this sensational murder is a dispute over gold smuggling worth 200 crores. Apart from this, border-centric smuggling route control has also acted as another reason for murder. Officials related to the investigation say that if Aktaruzzaman Shahin, the business partner of slain MP Anar, the mastermind of the murder, is arrested, it can be fully confirmed.

Sources related to the investigation of the DB and those who keep track of the Jhenaidhe border area say that the deceased MP Annar and the mastermind accused of murdering him, Aktaruzzaman Shahin, are close friends. Their friendship and the control of border trade between them was obvious. However, the people of their area could also guess that this friendship had been strained for a few months over the control of smuggling routes in the border area.

In response to the question why the friendship between the two broke down, sources related to the investigation of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police say that so far there is information that Shaheen used to send consignments of gold from Dubai to the country. MP Annar used to take care of the shipment crossing the border. He used to take a hefty commission for this. The increase of this commission caused distance between them for a year.

DB sources claimed that MP Annar was angry with his friend Shaheen for not increasing the commission. Due to this, he disappeared several shipments of gold from Dubai. The value of which is at least 200 crores. Due to this, the distance between the two increases. Shahin tried to smuggle the gold through other means but MP Annar stopped it. Due to this, a plan was made to remove him from the world. Which is brutally implemented in a rented flat in Kolkata.

Apart from this, Gopal Biswas, whose friend Anwarul stayed at in India, is also involved in gold smuggling, according to a related source. Again, there were at least 21 cases against MP Anwarul Azim Anar, including smuggling. However, he was later acquitted or exonerated from those cases. In 2007, the international police organization Interpol also issued a red notice against him. However, it was removed in 2009 after Awami League came to power.

In a press briefing on Thursday, Dhaka Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner (Detective) Mohammad Harun Or Rashid said, it is now important for us to identify and arrest all the criminals. I will see later what is the reason for the murder.

He said, we are not saying much for the sake of investigation. But the one we caught was the leader of the East Bengal Communist Party. We also have Shaheen's alleged girlfriend Shilasti Rahman. We are investigating whether this woman was cheated, whether there was a money incident, or whether there was something political, or whether something happened in suppressing miscreants in Khulna.

According to DB police, an attempt was made to kill MP Anar in the country. But the masterminds of the murder changed that plan for fear of being caught. He was planned to be killed in the 2B1 flat of house number 17 of road number 65 of Gulshan-2 of the capital. Then at the house number 1929 of road number 32 of this block of Bashundhara residential area. The mastermind of the murder, Aktaruzzaman Shahin, is the owner of those two houses used in the murder plan. Kolkata was chosen for fear of being caught if the MP was murdered in Dhaka.

Sources say that the plan was going on for at least three months before MP Anar's murder. When there is a change in the plan regarding the spot of murder, the killers are waiting for when he will go to India. For this reason, his movements and programs were monitored for two months. Mastermind Shaheen went to Kolkata with the main killer on April 30 after confirming that Annar would go to Kolkata in May. Before this flats were rented in Kolkata's Newtown area. Anwarul Azim Anar was killed there on May 13.

According to a source of Kolkata police, the flat (triplex) in New Town was rented from a woman named Nazia Banu. Aktaruzzaman Shahin. Nazia's husband Sandeep Roy is the actual owner of the flat. He is an officer of Excise Department of West Bengal State Government. After signing the flat rent agreement on April 25, the flat was handed over to Aktaruzzaman on April 30. Nazia gave this information to New Town police station in Kolkata.

According to the sources related to the investigation, during the initial interrogation, a person named Amanullah said that he was hired by Aktaruzzaman for this murder. Later Amanullah hired Mustafizur Rahman Fakir and Bhanveer Bhuiyan. The house of these two is Phultala in Khulna. The names of two others named Jihad and Siam have come up in this incident. Who were the first to get into that flat in Kolkata. Then on April 30 Aktaruzzaman went there with Amanullah and a woman named Shilasti. Amidst the incident, Aktaruzzaman came to Bangladesh on May 10. Others stayed in flats.

After the murder, Shilasti and Amanullah flew to Dhaka on May 15. Mustafizur came to Dhaka on May 17, Tanveer returned the next day. The police have not yet identified Jihad and Siam's location.

Intelligence sources say that after going to Kolkata on May 12, Anwarul was tricked into the rented flat. Anwarul was killed there that day. Later, the body was cut into several pieces and packed in a bag. The police have not received any information about whether the help of any local was taken in this case or not.

However, the Kolkata Police did not find the body until Wednesday.

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