Shakila Boby

24 May, 2024 18:02

Not like a college hostel, it's like a prison!

Sylhet Nursing College

The accused are kept in detention on the first day when they go to jail for committing a crime. In this import, about 50 to 60 people live on the floor in one room. The residential hostel of Sylhet Nursing College runs in the same way.

In the first year of nursing, those who come are kept in the hall room of the hostel. Where there is no arrangement for beds. Everyone has to sleep on the floor. Twenty to twenty-five students are accommodated in a room with a capacity of forty to fifty students.

This housing problem that has been going on for a long time is not being addressed by the college and hostel authorities. So, for several days in a row, the students protest by demanding adequate rooms. Then the college authorities stop the protests by promising to shift the students to the new six-story building, along with the fear of failing exams. However, yesterday, Wednesday, dissatisfaction with this housing issue led several students to claim rooms and submit claims to teachers at the college.

Various batches of female students residing in the hostel speak and learn from each other. In the BSc 13 batch, 44 female students are accommodated with seniors. But 24 students will not stay in rooms with seniors, so they stay in the hall room. On the other hand, a new junior from each batch has been given to each room by the college authorities.

On the other hand, the first-year midwifery students are still in the hall room. Since their seniors' exams have not ended, they do not get rooms. So, about 45 female students from various batches protested at the college on Thursday, May 23, demanding rooms. Then the college authorities come at 2:40 pm and order to accommodate eight students per room by merging all batches in rooms with sufficient capacity. Then, despite the college authorities' decision, the students refuse to accept and lock the rooms one by one. Then the teachers come to the hostel and scold the students. Then the college authorities bring police to the hostel to enforce their instructions. Even then, no one complies with the hostel authorities' inhumane instructions. Everyone claims a new hostel.

On the other hand, by giving a notice of hostel closure, the college authorities laid off all the staff, including the hostel's caretaker, yesterday night. Then the female students cook for themselves and arrange for dinner at night. To maintain anonymity, a student studying in the Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery program at Sylhet Nursing College said, "We are living as if it were 1971 here." There has been a lot of trouble at the hostel all day yesterday. We haven't killed anyone. We just demand our rights. There is a six-story building ready for female students in the hostel. But due to invisible reasons, the college authorities are not allowing us to go there. However, they are repeatedly assuring us that we will be shifted to the six-story building. Then there will be no problem with staying there. But they have been giving us this assurance for the past five or six years. Even our previous seniors have fallen prey to this assurance and left after completing the course. But the college authorities do not make us understand our rights and instead subject us to physical and mental torture.

It is known that there are about five hundred female students in the hostel of Sylhet Nursing College studying in the Post Basic BSc in Public Health, Post Basic BSc in Nursing, BSc Nursing Course, and Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery programs.

Various batches of female students residing in the hostel say that the housing problem at the hostel has been going on for almost five to six years. The responsible ones have been trying to shift the students to a new building for a long time, but they are not doing any work. In the four-story building of the hostel, there are three hall rooms on the second, third, and fourth floors. In those, first-year students of nursing stay. The first floor of the building has a kitchen and rooms adjacent to the dining room. There are also rooms on the second, third, and fourth floors. The first-year students (old), second-year, third-year, and fourth-year students of these four programs stay in these rooms. Although there is a capacity to accommodate four people in each room, for a long time, six students have been living in these rooms. Among these six, four are seniors, one is a first-year student from the old batch, and a junior (first year of a new batch) has been given space in the room where there is no hall room.

In this regard, Shahina Begum, the principal of Sylhet Nursing College, said, "We have come to a decision on this matter." Although a notice of hostel closure has been given, the hostel is not closed. Most of the girls were in the hostel at night. The students are still in the hostel. Their food is going on. We have told them that whoever is responsible for the hostel will arrange their food. We will cancel the notice we gave them. We are making arrangements. I am in touch with them from time to time. We have also discussed this with the Director (Education) and the Deputy Director at our higher management

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